Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Playing in the Rain

Virginia has been in a drought. Apparently a terribly bad one recently. In the last two days, however, we've been hit rather epically with rain. This is, most likely, thanks to Tropical Storm Nicole, which I think made landfall in Florida sometime today. I love hurricane weather. I really want to play in this rain. I did a little bit of rain-playing today but it's only so fun by yourself.

Great Weather-Controlling Cthulu (or...whoever is in charge of this stuff): I want a natural Slip 'N' Slide, damnit. I feel like this is not so much to ask. I just want a good quality place to play in the rain.

And I want people to play in the rain with me. Join me, people. It's fun.

This is not really a post.

Loving the rain,
Rachel Leigh

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