Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Late-Night Post with No Real Thematic Content

Today, something interesting happened. I was sitting in my room with my roommate at about 4:45 when sirens started going off. Really loud sirens that really confused my poor, innocent brain because I was worried that campus was breaking. After the third or fourth siren went off, I decided to stick my head out into the hallway to see what was going on.

My RA was walking up the hallway, advising people to come into the hallway, close their windows, and not leave the building. Apparently the campus had gone into tornado lockdown. We have TORNADO SIRENS. WTF? Anyway, after promptly texting/facebook IMing several of my friends to get their endangered asses inside to safety, we went out into the hall to join the rest of our building in the first floor hallway.

Apparently lightning hit X-lot. Which is kind of dangerously close to our dorm. My friend told me he hoped it jump-started his dead car battery. I hope so, too. One of the girls on my hall was on her laptop (well, we all were, pretty much), and asked if she would be electrocuted if she left her laptop plugged in. I suggested she unplug it, though my reason was not that she would be electrocuted and shocked to death and die on the spot, but rather because if lightning hit the building and hit her laptop, her computer could very well be fried. But whatever.

After about a half hour in the hallway, the sirens stopped and we were allowed back outside. Just in time for my American Government class, ohjoy.

So that was my exciting day.

Near-deathlyly yours,
Rachel Leigh

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