Friday, September 23, 2011

On Bad TV and Life in General

Okay, my darling readers, I am SO sorry. I have been a horrible horrible blogger. It is now September, which I believe means I've gone two months without a post.

My last 6 weeks or so have consisted of logic, economics, Ancient Greek philosophy, club meetings, bizarre trips to downtown Richmond, wonderful amounts of sushi, and bad television.

A lot of bad television.

My roommate and I go back and forth between watching MTV, Comedy Central, and the GOP debates. I don't know which I have a harder time taking seriously. I might be kind of obsessed with Awkward, and Fox's new series New Girl just deepens my unhealthy obsession with Zooey Deschanel.

I think, though, that the most entertaining aspect of our television-watching is definitely the running list of GOP/Tea Party debates. They are far too entertaining. I find Michele Bachmann to be one of the most entertaining examples of human insanity I have ever seen ever. Making the back-asswards statement that HPV vaccinations have been linked to "retardation" (which will never be politically correct, nor will it ever be factually accurate) is just so ludicrous that I cannot even begin to comprehend it. Ms. Bachmann, you entertain me.

Vegetatingly yours,
Rachel Leigh

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