Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Things That Taste Better Than Skinny Feels

My darling readers, things annoy me. (Wait, really?)

There's this phrase that floats around the thinspo students of the internet. Thinspo, in case you're unaware, is the process of people (usually girls) who are attempting to lose weight in either healthy or unhealthy ways (usually unhealthy) providing themselves with "thinspirational" images, quotes, and life advice to help keep them on track.

The quote is that

My problem with thinspo comes from not the idea itself, but from the ways in which it has been perverted to encourage girls to starve themselves to be some bizarre definition of perfect.

I've seen some pretty decent advice on how to keep yourself on track for a diet...and I've seen some disturbing things. Like "if you're hungry, eat naked in front of a mirror and see how much of an appetite you have then." A lot of the advice not only allows girls to hate themselves but encourages a sense of self-loathing as a motivator. Which is twisted.

There are times when I use thinspo on the a reminder to keep my body issues in check. I may not like my tummy and I may weigh a little more than I would like, but seeing images of girls who are verging on emaciated and reading advice that encourages me to despise the way I look and the person I am reminds me that I need to keep it in perspective.

And by the way, anyone who says nothing tastes as good as skinny feels has obviously never had bacon.

Deciding not to skip dessert,
Rachel Leigh

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