Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So this weekend was Ring Dance -- for those of you who DON'T go to a preppy Southern school that does things like this, Ring Dance is an annual tradition which Westhampton College uses as a way to honor the achievements of Junior women.  It involves getting all dressed up and going to the swankiest hotel in Richmond and trying not to fall down the stairs as they call out your name and major.  Technically they're supposed to present your class ring as well, but if you know anything about me and my complete aversion to jewelry, you know I wouldn't have spent money on that.

But basically, it was a great excuse to get my family to come down and to go shopping for a nice dress and spend some time with some really wonderful people.  But between that and the Super Bowl, I can sufficiently say that I am beyond exhausted.

Hopefully there will be more real posts soon (be happy, I spared you all from a post about periods), and I'm hoping to do something big or interesting for the 150th post.

Lots of love to my darling readers,
Rachel Leigh

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