Monday, January 20, 2014

Greetings, darlings.

I know it's been over a month and I am a terrible, terrible blogger for letting you go this long without sitting you down and yelling things at you.  I can blame it partially on applying to graduate school and partially on a general lack of inspiration.  But here's what you can generally expect from me this semester: I'm taking a class on cyberculture and digital culture in America, so expect that to come up as I really think about those things.  I am also taking courses on International Law and on Machiavelli, but I will try and spare you the deep philosophical questions.  I know you don't need that from me.

At some point, I will probably write a post on the historical and social reasons that IT'S HARD TO BE A WOMAN ON THE INTERNET.  Mostly because I anticipate that will also be the general direction of my final paper/project for that class.  But that's not today.

Today's really just an update and a plea for you all to forgive me.

More to come. I promise.

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