Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Apparently my blog has over 12,000 pageviews.  I mean, over 5 years, that's probably not a huge deal, but I'll deal with that.

I haven't been the best about maintaining this blog, or really any of my non-academic writing, since I started school.  I haven't sent a column into Digital America in a while, although you should definitely still check out all the amazing content they've been producing, and I'm hoping I can fix that at some point.

I wish I had a better excuse than being overwhelmed, but when push comes to shove, that's really what it's been.  I've often been afraid to talk about my anxiety and the way it impacts the way I live my life, but grad school has been especially taxing on that aspect of my life.  I've had to be willing to acknowledge my limits and devote a lot of my free time to self-care to keep myself from completely shutting down.  Thankfully, I've had an amazing support network in my life over the last few months to help with it..

There are very few things I love more than writing, and I would like to write a lot more.  Here's hoping I achieve that.

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  1. Anonymous people who know you are very proud of you!


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