Tuesday, November 2, 2010


You might remember my previous Election Day post, made back when I was still blogging over at freedomofknowledge.org, a site which is now down for the count. You'll really only remember that if you've been reading my stuff for years. Which means you might remember it if you're Mike or if you're me, but it is otherwise largely unlikely that you will.

Well, it's that time again. Seriously, get out and vote if you haven't already today. I went through the somewhat grueling process of getting an absentee ballot. You can go stand in line for a little bit and vote. It's important. Richmond's having an election-results-viewing-party in the Westhampton Center tonight, so clearly people are taking this seriously. As well they should.

You have a patriotic duty to vote. You have a civic responsibility to vote. And, well, you have a personal interest in voting. You have no right to complain about the behavior of the government if you don't take the time and initiative to go vote. You could have changed things.

So please, go out today. Vote. Starbucks will give you free coffee, I think. And it's pretty cool. And Christine O'Donnell is not a witch, she's just like you.

Also, to our Californian readers, if you're out there: Vote "Yes" to Prop 19! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Happy Election Day!

Politically yours,
Rachel Leigh

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