Thursday, August 23, 2012

On Denmark (Part 1)

Greetings for (surprisingly) sunny and (unseasonably) warm Copenhagen!  Fun fact, while Copenhagen is usually about 15 degrees colder than Richmond, it has actually consistently been warmer here (at least during the day) the entire time I've been here.  The day we arrived was the hottest day Denmark had in two years.  Just throwin' some knowledge your way.

This post comes at the end of my first day of classes (by which I mean my first class, because most of my classes are tomorrow...also it's only 11:30 and I've already been to class, commuted home, and done my reading for tomorrow).

Things I love so far:
  • Everything is easily accessible by Metro
  • The people really ARE the happiest people on Earth, and it just exudes from the attitudes at certain places
Things I'm still not used to:
  • Not understanding half the signs I read (though I'm picking up on some (Udgang=Exit) and I start Danish tomorrow)
  • The Danes are REALLY quiet people.  I can already start to pick out the Americans on the Metro...just follow the loud ones.
The biggest thing, though, is that I'm still recovering from jetlag.  How am I supposed to get past this terrible jetlag when they keep rushing me around from place to place and not leaving me enough time to sleep?  My body can only handle so much sleep deprivation.

More to come (especially once I upload some of the photos of things I find bizarre).

Tusind tak,
Rachel Leigh

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