Monday, April 8, 2013

On Margaret Thatcher

As I'm sure you've heard, Margaret Thatcher passed away.  (So did Lilly Pulitzer.  Sorry, I go to a southern school, I am required to know these things.)  If you haven't heard that Margaret Thatcher passed away, then, well, I'm sorry you're getting your news from me.  I am far from a reliable news source.  If you don't know who Margaret Thatcher is, well, then... I'm concerned.  Go to Wikipedia.

Anyway, may the Iron Lady of Britain's conservative age rest in peace.  We may not have agreed on all our politics (though, hey, she started one of the world's first free needle-exchange programs to prevent the spread of blood-communicable diseases among drug users, so we're not in complete opposititon!), but the fact remains that a political giant has passed.

In a lot of ways, I admire Margaret Thatcher in spite of her politics, because she was a woman in politics, who was widely-respected as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.  She may have been a lot of things, including more conservative than I even pretend to be, but she was a truly strong and powerful woman.

Rest in Peace, Iron Lady.  I'm Sure the Doctor misses you fondly.

Rachel Leigh

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