Sunday, April 7, 2013

On North Korea (and an update!)

Greetings, darling readers!  It is now April, and after making many an obnoxious comment about March's terrible weather (in like a lion, out like a lamb, my ass -- more like out like a yeti), a weekend of glorious weather has befallen our humble university community.

Just in time to find me holed up in the library working on about 40 pages worth of papers.  Yay college?

This weekend was the glorious occasion of Pig Roast, which gave me a chance to escape from fears about North Korea losing their minds and deciding to fire missiles at all of us.  Has anybody seen Ze End of Ze World?  Because apparently North Korea has decided that "those ___ sons of a b*tches are going down."  Now we just need some French guy complaining he's too Le Tired to fire back.

Forgive me for making light of such a serious situation, but realistically, if there is some power hungry little man in North Korea who thinks that launching a nuclear bomb in the direction of any U.S. military station, be in South Korea, Japan, or Guam, is going to end with anything short of his country getting wiped off the map in retaliation, I sadly have no other response but to laugh.  Mostly because there are very few forces in this world more powerful than a desperate man with nothing to lose.  Those people do some pretty crazy things.

That being said, I hope we somehow avoid a nuclear holocaust long enough for me to continue updating you all on the thoughts that go through my head.  Keep on the lookout for posts on mental health, summer, and exams, all coming soon!

Building my panic room as we speak,
Rachel Leigh

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