Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Being Tall

I have spent the last couple of weeks using the phrase "#tallgirlproblems" (no, I do not pronounce the hashtag) to describe my life.  As a 5'11" female, I was happy to find a Twitter account that sympathized with my Tall Girl Problems.

What is a Tall Girl Problem?  Like a #firstworldproblem or #collegeproblem, these problems are problems that exist only because I am in a comfortable enough position to complain about them.  Tall Girl Problems are problems that exist solely in virtue of absurd height.


Never being able to find pants that fit.
They do not make pants that are made to fit legs that make up 2/3 of your height.  Everything I own fits like a pair of floods.  Also, good luck wearing knee-high boots or knee socks.  They're great if, by "knee," you mean "awkwardly squeezing your mid-calf."

Not knowing how to walk in heels.
5'11" + 3" heels = ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING.  As such, I have never learned how to walk in heels, which is great for those rare occasions when you actually have to wear them.  When my ankle is in three pieces on the floor because I can't balance in a pair of heels, you will understand.

Constantly being asked to get things for shorter friends.
Can you reach that?  Can you just grab that?  I can't me out?

Constantly being asked to get things for strangers.
Can you get that down off the top shelf?

Being taller than your prom date...and your Dad.
I wish I were kidding.  Love you, Dad.

Nobody gets it.
You know what's great?  Complaining about your incredibly inconvenient height, and having everyone respond "But you're, like, MODEL-tall."  As if that makes it better.  It's actually kind of irritating.

Fellow tall girls, I love you. I delight in your presence. But if I accidentally elbow one more person because my arms are so freaking long, I might consider donating my lower-legs to the vertically-challenged.

Rachel Leigh

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  1. Positive of being tall with a short best friend:
    You have a human arm rest whenever you are in need.


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