Sunday, January 1, 2012

On 2012

Happy New Year to the darlingest of readers!

As the Christmas food comas and the around-the-clock napping of Winter Break begin to wear off (because I'm headed back to campus in six days!), it seems like a wonderful time to welcome in 2012, the year we're all going to die and the first presidential election I am old enough to vote in.
On a side note, after 40 years, it may be time to retire Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.  Not because it's anything short of excellent programming, but because I spend most of the final countdown cringing at the fact that Dick Clark can barely talk and his spray-tan is one of the most atrocious things to which I have ever born witness.

Anyway, I'm absolutely horrendous at making and keeping New Years Resolutions.  Some years I just forget to make them altogether.

This year, I've resolved to:
  1. Blog More.  Which I know I say every time I go on an accidental hiatus and then come back practically in tears and begging for your forgiveness, but you do mean a lot to me and you deserve my love and attention, don't you, darling readers?
  2. Lose Weight.  Buuuuuut...let's be serious.  My diet plan consists of an overwhelming inability to cut energy drinks, coffee, and croissants out of my diet, and my exercise regimen consists of walking to and from class like a chicken with its head cut off.  While I admire myself for setting this goal, I doubt my actual abilities to see it through.
  3. Clean My Room More.  This resolution may well kill me, but my room needs to stop looking like a blast zone.
  4. Study Abroad.  If I manage to pull this off, Fall 2012 will be filled with posts and photos of glorious adventures around Europe.
Anyway, if you see me and I appear to be ignoring these resolutions, please smack the coffee out of my hands, drag me to the gym, and yell at me to post more and check the status of my DIS application.

Optimistically yours,
Rachel Leigh

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