Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Life, Some Politics, and Things

Darling readers, I am so sorry I've already been so terrible about my New Years Resolutions.  Clearly, I haven't been blogging more frequently, seeing as I haven't posted in 17 days and clearly I'm a horrible person.  As for keeping my room clean -- 3 times in the last week (3!), I have gone looking for something in my room and found it in one of my shoes.  Keeping it classy, Rachel, keeping it classy.

Today was the SOPA protest, which I'm sure you all know is something that means a lot to me.  I kind of wish Google had taken a more active approach to its "blackout," but the number of internet sites that came out in solidarity with anti-PIPA/SOPA users is truly amazing.

This blog has been brought to you by a free and open internet, and I am incredibly proud that so many people have shown their support today.

In other news, all (or at least my) eyes turn back to Iowa to get into the issue of a possible voting miscount in the Iowa caucuses.  And when a victory is clinched by 8 votes, one minor miscount can drastically change the outcome.  But let's be serious, part of the reason I care is because I want to go back to the brief but beautiful moment when my caucus-results Facebook status was accurate.  Not because I like Rick Santorum (the man terrifies every fiber of my being), but because I just don't like being wrong.

Stubbornly yours,
Rachel Leigh

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