Saturday, March 3, 2012

On Public Transportation and Why People Annoy Me

I am officially way too judgmental for public transportation, darling readers.  Or maybe only for long-distance public transport, because I can't ever remember getting this angry going back and forth on the train to Philly for my internship.  No, actually, I was DEFINITELY never this angry.

But I have to admit, I have not had a bus ride to or from Richmond where there has not been someone who gets on my nerves to the extent that I am legitimately concerned about the possibility of homicide.  Okay, maybe I could get away with "it was self-defense," seeing as these idiots pose a serious threat to my mental health.

What could you possibly have to talk about on the phone for four and a half straight hours?  No...just no.  Phone conversations in public places really should just be left to a minimum.  I cannot deal with you, and now my nerves are absolutely on edge.

These bus rides just make me irritated with people.  Then again, any time I'm dealing with people who are either incredibly stupid, incredibly rude, or both makes me irritated.

Rachel Leigh

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