Saturday, March 3, 2012

The world seems so much better when my mommy stocked the fridge with a bunch of yummy things in preparation for my return home.

In case this wasn't clear already, that means it's
So exciting, you don't even know.  I'm home for this break because
1) I am SO not in the proper shape to be in a bathing suit in actual public places right now.
2) Every ever-loving penny to my name needs to be saved for Copenhagen in the Fall.
3) I am already a broke college student as it is.

Spring Break seems like as good a time as any to reflect on my life this year, especially now that my unhealthy levels of rage at fellow bus passengers seems to have passed.  Or, you know, it also seems like an excellent time to gorge on things that are definitely not good for me (and thus do nothing to help that "being in shape" thing) and sleep like a narcoleptic.  That's definitely a possibility.

But in all seriousness, a lot of this break is going to be spent sorting out my life in such a way as to make my upcoming trip to Denmark actually feasible.  Also, in case THAT wasn't clear, I got accepted to the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for Fall of next year.  So, yay, one New Years resolution that I didn't fail horribly at.  Copenhagen is not ready for the group of lovely ladies from the University of Richmond headed its way in about 5 months.  Prepare for so many pictures and so many posts of me fangirling over my experience in Europe.  And yes, it will absolutely be fangirling.  Because I am a nerd and nerds are allowed to legitimately love things, a fact to which John Green will attest.

Hopefully while I'm home for the week, I'll be able to get together a couple coherent thoughts that aren't just rage and get a real, legitimate post up here for you, my darling readers, but until then, here's a pile of baby pandas.

Because pandas are cute,
Rachel Leigh

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