Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On "Because I'm a Psycho"

I swear, if you looked up "Crazy Cat Lady in the Making" in the dictionary, there would be a definition something along the lines of "Perpetually single, slightly demented girl in her early-to-mid-20s with an unnatural obsession with cat videos on the internet and next to no social skills."  Next to this brilliantly-worded entry, you would find a picture of my face and a nice little "See Also" tag.

But, even this crazy cat lady has a wedding board on Pinterest and like six seasons of "Say Yes to the Dress" in her Netflix queue.  And that got me thinking... Why?  I can understand why women who are deeply, soundly in love with someone might start dreaming about their future wedding day.  But what prompts the rest of us, the girls for whom the prospect of a future wedding may actually be what most people consider laughable, to fantasize about these things?

Is it some sort of way of filling in the gaps in our lives?  Is it the manifestation of years of brainwashing by Disney princesses who want nothing more than to be married and live happily ever after?  Is it because we're actually planning these elaborate weddings so we can one day marry those 20 cats that we're probably already on the road to having?

I honestly wish I had an answer.  But, in all honesty, I don't even understand it in myself.  Said Pinterest board is sub-titled "Because I'm a Psycho," so clearly I think it's as nuts as everybody else does.

Confusedly yours,
Rachel Leigh

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  1. In this society it seems you either think you're normal or know you're crazy. And it is best to know oneself. :)

    Maybe you really are in love with someone. It's easy to think we can compartmentalize our feelings about others but they are always there. They are with us every day in our personal experience. One may try not to consciously think about something but it will stay under the curtain of our subconscious, and still influence our actions.

    More likely, you just enjoy these things and need to feel less guilty about them, hon.

    But maybe you're not as alone as you think.


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