Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Sup Darling-Type-People?

I think one of the coolest things about the internet is this seemingly-endless desire to give back to the people who have made it a community.  I really first noticed it with crossover and guest comics on Questionable Content -- how the creators of these really different webcomics in different artistic and narrative/comedic styles could come together to create a really interconnected community that credited the people who have helped and inspired each individual creator.

And then there's YouTube, which I think has the single strongest Creator-Community of any site I've seen.  Users promote other users' material and form not only working relationships but real friendships with their co-creators.  I think the coolest example I've seen is the Liker Chain, where prominent YouTubers go on to list the channels that either made them want to start producing videos or make them continue to want to be a part of the community.

In this same spirit, I've tried to, in the past, credit the people on the internet who have made me want to become a content creator and have, mostly unbeknownst to them, helped me hone my style and realize the kind of blogger I want to be.

So, to the YouTubers who help me understand myself -- Jenna Marbles/Mourey and Tyler Oakley, for helping me realize that being snarky and weird for no reason can actually be cool. Philip DeFranco and SourceFed for helping me see that being serious is not only okay but can actually be important and something of a responsibility.  The VlogBrothers for turning the internet into a community.

To the bloggers, columnists, and writers who helped me realize the writer I want to be -- Dan Savage for being no-holds-barred awesome about the things he writes about in "Savage Love," Allie from "Hyperbole and a Half" for the single funniest blog I've ever read, The Ticking Time Bombshell/BerkeleyBabe for being a hot mess and totally honest about it.

And, of course, to the friends and family who help make me feel like I don't just write this blog for my own selfish entertainment, even though I totally do.

Love you all, darling readers!
Rachel Leigh

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